A truly satisfying shopping experience at Beyond Tech

Shopping is on every Orlando visitor’s must-do list. In fact, some of our customers enjoying shopping for electronics, luxury fragrances, and fashion more than they enjoy a day at the theme parks! Everyone wants to take home a new tablet, cell phone or Xbox, and exciting gifts for family and friends. With that in mind, Beyond Tech set out to create a truly satisfying shopping experience in our two Orlando locations.

Shopping for electronics online is risky, because you do not actually see or touch the merchandise until after you have paid for it.  If you are not happy with your new toy, you might not have time to return it and get a replacement through the mail. Big box stores are frustrating because everything is sold in sealed boxes. When you get home and unpack your new purchase, there is no one to help you set it up and learn to use it. Often, store employees don’t know any more than you do about their products, or they are so busy they barely have time to pull the box off the shelf for you.

At Beyond Tech stores, we stock a variety of popular electronic devices, tablets, cameras, and unlocked phones in every price range, as well as perfumes and luxury sunglasses. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff demonstrates the products for you and helps you select the best for your needs and budget. Then they help you set up your new cell phone or tablet, and make sure you are able to operate it smoothly before you leave the store.

We welcome your questions. Our customers  walk out of our stores feeling confident about their new purchases and looking forward to their next visit!